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Referáty, Seminárky, Čtenářské deníky, Maturitní otázky

Referáty, Seminárky, Čtenářské deníky, Maturitní otázky

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Střední školy


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History of Great Britain

History of Great Britain
(in breath )

British Isles………..settlers from Europe ( 3500 – 3000 B.C. )…….farming, pottery, stone tools, lived in the south of England, ……Stonehenge – huge circle of standing stones was built by them
- the Celts started to invade Britain from the 10th century B.


C., one of their tribes - Britons
- Romans gave the name Britannia in 5th century A.D.
- Angles and Saxons from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands in the 5th century gave the name Angle-land
-Vikings from Scandinavia throughout 9th century
-Normans from France…..drove the Celts into what is now Wales and Scotland, they remained in Ireland
1066- battle of Hastings English were defeated by French army, led by William Duke of Normandy, Harold (king of England) was killed, William became King William I of England = William Conqueror

Henry VIII
had six wives, well educated, had the mind of statesman……Wales was brought into legal union with England, his teacher Sir Thomas More was executed because of he refused accept Henry’s second marriage with Anne Boleyn ( she was executed too, for unfaithfulness )

Elizabeth I
- Daughter of Anne B., she executed Mary Stuart
- Ruled by female diplomacy remained unmarried
1588 Spanish Armada attempted to invade England but was defeated by British navy led by Sir Francis Drake
- Sir Walter Raleigh explored eastern coast of North America, founded the first English colony there and called it Virginia
- Her era named the Elizabeth age

- Came to the throne at the age of 18
- After her husband death, Prince Albert, she reigned in seclusion for another forty years
- Expansion in wealth and power in Britain, many changes……..agriculture as the basis of the economy, old aristocracy lost their power to the new middle class, British were becoming an urban people, many schools were built ´ appalling slums and Victorian morality
- Reigned for 64 years, died in her 83 years
- First monarch to live in Buckingham Palace

1926 British Commonwealth of Nations

Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor became Queen and head of the royal family following her father’s death in 1952
- She married Lieutenant Philip Mount batten, then a serving Royal Navy Officer- title of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

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