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Referáty, Seminárky, Čtenářské deníky, Maturitní otázky

Referáty, Seminárky, Čtenářské deníky, Maturitní otázky

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Trička s potiskem - vtipná trička s potiskem si můžete vyrobit i s vlastním motivem.

Střední školy - přehledný seznam středních škol.

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Střední školy


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Food, Meals

In our country daily meals usually start with a breakfast, which consists of something to drink - tea (with milk or lemon) or cocoa, warm or hot milk, black coffee - and something to eat, e.g. one or two slices of bread butter and cheese or eggs, ham, salami, jam, etc.


Instead of bread we can eat rolls or buns or we can have something sweet - cakes, doughnuts or gingerbread. Quite a lot of people eat cereal for their breakfasts- either cornflakes or porridge or musli - they sometimes add various ingredients like yogurt, raisins, chocolate, stewed fruit, walnuts, hazelnuts etc. Breakfast usually takes place between 6 and 7 o'clock.

Traditional British breakfast consists of a glass of fruit juice and cornflakes with sugar and milk. Quite a lot of British people now eat musli for breakfast or some other ready-made cereals. Of course they drink tea in the morning or coffee. Sundays are reserved for their big cooked breakfast (which is sometimes called "brunch"-breakfast and lunch together (consisting of e.g. boiled or scrambled eggs or fried bacon and eggs with perhaps sausage or tomato or fried bread. Most people like a crisp piece of toast with butter and marmelade or honey.

Around noon (but in our chool at 1 p.m )we have or lunch which is warm , it consists of some soup, a main dish , something to drink and salad or dessert. Most people go to a school, office or factory canteen but some prefer going to a restaurant or having a fast luch in a buffet or a snackbar or buying something at street stalls.

Soups are either vegetable soups (potato, tomato, pea, bean, carrot, parsley, celery, mushrooms) or meat teas beef tea (tripe, chicken, hen or goulash soup etc.) . Some people cook fruit soups (e.g. strawberry soup).

The main dish can be sweet - e.g. strawberry or plum dumplings, pancakes with jam and cream , baked yeat dumplings (Czech buchty), doughnuts etc. Or we can have some meat of fish or poultry with some vegetables such as potatoes, chips, rice, Czech dumplings, pasta or bread. We distinguish the following types of meat: beef, pork, veal, mutton, lamb and we can prepare it in various ways - roast it, grill it,boil it, bake it or stew it , mince , fry or smoke some kinds of meat. Poultry are hen , duck, turkey, goose. Lots of people in our country eat rabbits. The main fish cooked in our country is carp ( it is a traditional Christmas meal – battered carp and potato salad) and trout.

After the main dish we may drink tea, lemonade, cider, juice, Coca- Cola, mineral water, syrup and water, while the adults like beer and black coffe after their dinner.

An evening meal may be either warm or cold. Cold and quick supper may consists of some paté on bread or rolls, kippers...We can cook a ready-made dish from a tin or have soup or potato pancakes.

Typical Czech meals are :roasted pork or (roasted goose) with saurekraut and Czech dumplings, Moravian sparrows (roasted fat pork offcuts) and dumplings, potato pancakes, fruit dumplings , potato or hairy dumplings, fried cheese with chips........Traditional Czech couisine is however a bit unhealthy and people can get fat. Many families prefer to cook more vegetable meals, they become vegetarians or try some kind of foreign (Chinese, ...) food.

Many families now prefer to eat out at restaurants or café or to buy take away Chinese or Indian meals to eat at home.

Between 12 and 1 o'clock it it usually lunch time. People may eat in the office or factory canteen or take sandwich to work.

The typical British break is 5 o'clock tea. It is usually fairly strong and eaten together with some cakes or biscuits.

About 6 o'clock most families have their evening meal or dinner. It may be cooked or cold depending on the time of year. The English are fond of cakes and pies. They are a nation with a very "sweet Tooth".

Fast food is a typical feature of both British and American life styles. You can either buy various types of food to eat as you walk along the streets or take it away and eat at home. The American call fast food restaurants "cheapies". The typical fast food in Britain is fish and chips, in America- it is hamburger or hot dog. another typical feature of British and American lifestyle is popcorn. You can buy it when walking the streets. Various types of popcorn are sold - either sweet with sugar, or cooked with salt.

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Střední školy - seznam středních škol
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